I have been asked several times lately, “What do you wish you knew when you were 18 that
you know now?”  The answer comes quickly for me.  I don’t even waist a breath or a
pause in typing my response.

I wish I had known who I really was!  I went off to college and changed my major 7 times.  I
actually changed colleges about 5 times and even spent a year in law school.  All of this change and frustration came about because I really didn’t know who I was.   What was my personality?  What was a great fit for how I was hardwired?  What
were my strengths, talents, gifts and abilities?  I finally did figure it out much later in life.  However, the cost for the wait resulted in jobs I couldn’t stand, frustrating relationships, lost wages and just pure happiness and joy with who I was and thankful for the gifts God gave me from birth.

My passion and vision in life is to share the lessons I learned later in life – but at a much earlier age.  I have started a
coaching company that is geared to the young adult (ages 17 through 30ish) to help them figure this out before they go to college and spend a ton of money only to find that what they majored in really is of no interest to them whatsoever!  I have a son who is a senior in high school, so I completely understand where the parents are coming from.  I also understand from
personal experience that we can longer give our kids “hand me down” dreams. I lived that myself.

I developed a program that is designed to help the student or young adult answer the question “Who am I?” so that they can make more informed choices and better answer the question “What do I want to be?”   These students (and their
parents) have serious and life changing decisions to make that will shape their future.  For the parents it means that they want to have the student make the best decision regarding the program they choose and get meaningful
employment afterwards.   The Student can no longer afford to choose a college or a major that isn’t going to meet their needs or match their personality strengths as closely as possible.  Education costs have risen and it is more important now than ever before to choose the right path – or get as close to the path as possible.

What I am really doing is accelerating the process of emotional intelligence.  The program creates self-awareness and teaches
the student a process to evaluate decisions leaving them better equipped to chart a more self-directed path. This understanding plus personal coaching enables them to maximize their opportunities.

I am very passionate about helping this age group figure it out before they are in their 40’s and start to say – I wish I had known that when I was 18!

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One Response to What do you wish you knew when you were 18 that you know now?

  1. Brenda says:

    Wonderful service to offer high schoolers trying to make those tough decisions. Speeding up emotional intelligence can save lots of time and frustration. There will still be a learning journey, but hopefully much more purposeful along the way.

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