Finally college! After all those years of preparing for college in high school, now it’s time to prepare for a career!

College presents a whole new set of questions:

  • What courses will I take?
  • What do I want as my college major?
  • How do I interact with my college advisor?
  • What summer jobs and internships can I pursue?
  • Should I consider the ROTC program?

Decisions like these always come back to the core of who you are, what you want out of life, and the measure of maturity or responsibility you are taking for yourself. You are the common denominator in all of these decisions. You are the person whose life is most influenced by them.

While parents and professors will advise you, they’re also expecting you to step up into your early adulthood with greater responsibility. Perfection isn’t realistic, but measured progress is expected.

What steps should you take?

College Career Coaching will take the anxiety out of the process and allow you to make better decisions.

The better you know yourself, the higher the probability that you’ll make better decisions today and tomorrow. Go 2 The Peak equips you with the SchoolPlace Big Five Profile ™ personality profile so you have strong clues and indicators for solid decision-making. You will learn the process to evaluate career opportunities so that your class choices are not wasted time or money. Further master your understanding with a seminar or one-on-one coaching session and you’ll gain a strategic advantage for life.

I’m Looking For My First Internship or Job

“Now what?”

“Wow! My undergraduate education is coming to a close. Now is this the time to go into the working world and get a real job? Perhaps graduate school would be a better choice? What do I do? What companies do I interview?”

Now is the time to identify your strengths, create an elevator speech, update your LinkedIn profile and begin networking. During college is the best time to learn how to effectively network. Networking allows you to better understand the job market, the people who are making decisions and how to effectively share your strengths. Don’t wait until you have graduated. This gives you the competitive edge.

What do I need to do?

College Career coaching begins by taking a personal inventory of your strengths, talents, aptitudes, and giftedness. This personal insight will direct your path now and in the future. The better you know yourself, the better your decisions will be.

The next step is to learn how to share your strengths with others and make decisions based on who you are rather than guessing. Your future is too important to start this journey blindly.

Your SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™ and the Taking the Next Step™ college coaching program equips you to wisely explore your options in alignment with who you are. A few minutes online and focused coaching time produces a powerful climbing tool that will guide and direct your path.