I recently read a post asking this very good question:  Should I give up my dreams and choose a career path that allows me to make more money when I get out of school? I added my response to the blog and have posted that for you to read over.  What do you think?

Amy Ramsey (me) says follow your dreams!  Studies show that 60% of our personality is hardwired within us and begins to show itself as early as age 6.  What does that mean for those of us that are trying to choose between their passion and a paycheck?  That means that we will probably struggle through school because the material isn’t matching up with who we really are.  Many don’t even continue with the original program and change their degrees up to 6 or 7 times as they try to figure out what makes sense for them.  Certainly you can master the information, but it will continually drain your energy and become very difficult to stay focused. 

Until we take the time to fully understand and answer the question “Who am I?” we will never be able to say “What I am….” with any accuracy or conviction.  It is important to take the time to realize how you are hardwired and then make informed choices around college and careers.  Though you may make $90,000 going into that field will you be able to sustain the job and grow both personally and professionally?  It has been shown that is becoming harder and harder as the job market changes and globalization puts a different spin on who gets hired these days. 

My suggestion is to get closer to your dream and use the most of your personality as you can so that you enter the career journey with a happier and more sustaining outlook on your job !  No longer can we make blind choices based on things such as income without a better understanding of the entire picture.

Amy Ramsey

Go 2 The Peak


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