It started as a whisper. “Can you hear me now?” And there was no response. Then it got a bit louder and employees wondered aloud as they stood around the water cooler. “Can you hear me now?” Now it has become a roar! “CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?”

This is the question millions of employees are shouting within the halls of their organizations and posting on social media. Employee Engagement has become elusive. Has the voice of so many become silenced by the lack of trust and authenticity within those 4 walls? Employee engagement means so much more than people filling desks and meeting deadlines. It is a force that can lead an organization and propel a team to greatness. And it all starts with trust.

The time has come to actively listen to those around us. Trust is the key to employee engagement and it has to be modeled and earned. Building trust begins by listening to their voice. It is an action that goes in 2 directions from the employee to the manager and back. It takes dedication and practice, but trust can change an organization, a team and even a relationship.

If it is your voice that is not heard, don’t give up yet. Set a time to have a meaningful conversation with your manager or leader. Be prepared to share authentically your ideas and concerns. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Come with ideas and action items. If you are the “one who can’t hear” – then open your ears to what is going on around you. Become emotionally aware of your team.

We can’t always make a change, but we can always change ourselves. Change is a 2 way street running between management and employee. Don’t loose the brain trust within your organization. Develop Trust!

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